Liverpool House Prices

9th May 2008

How To Sell A House

Tips to make sure that your house sells

[photo: Liverpool residential property]

In the present market, it's more vital than ever before to devise an effective strategy when selling your home. Leaving it to your estate agent alone, no matter how superb they may be, is not enough to ensure a sale. So what measures should you put in place to increase your chances?

Consider whether fence panels need refitting, if your lawn needs cutting or flaking exterior paint needs a dab from a brush. The outside of the house is the first thing a visitor looks at.

[photo: Liverpool residential property]

Give your home a spring clean, irrespective of the season. The surface dust and light bathroom grime might be barely noticeable to you, but a troop of strangers, that could be soon to offer you money, are going to be examining household things that you take for granted on a daily basis. Keep a lid on general cleaning and tidying so that when a viewing is due, little additional effort is needed. You can achieve this by being clutter-free. The classic maneuvers such as fresh flowers, scented candles or other aromas such as fresh coffee, vanilla or cinnamon would also be appealing. Fix any minor household problems, from a leaky tap to an expired light bulb. Aim to impress your visitors.

Invite several estate agents to value your house and let them bid to sell it for you. The different quotes given by each agent can raise an eyebrow. Find out which agent has sold plenty of properties of this type, and what their success rate is.

[photo: Liverpool residential property]

When prospective buyers visit keep pets controlled, be prepared for any questions (how much is the council tax, etc), and give the viewer freedom to explore around. A house purchase is an important transaction that can't be hurried. Be prepared to state what is included with the house, or even have an inventory ready.

If your house does not sell before you need to move to a new home of your own, or a decent period such as 3-6 months has elapsed, consider tackling any major repairs that need your attention, especially if the faults are noted in the surveyor’s report, and be ready to lower the asking price, or even remove it from the market until the housing climate changes.